18 pcs stainless Steel Premium Dissection Biology kit


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Biology Dissecting Kit-Hinged Case:

Hinged case w/ hard Plastic snap cover and
Compartments for 12 inStruments
#4 surgical Handle
(6) #22 Scalpel Blades
6 in. Narrow Blade Dissecting Scalpel:
Standard 1.5 in. Cut Edge
5-1/2 in. Sharp/Sharp Scissors
4-1/2 in. Straight Iris Scissors
5-1/2 in. Straight Thumb Forceps:
Round, Serr. Tips; Serr. Grip
4-1/2 in. Curved Forceps:
Medium Serr. Tips, Serr. Grip
Stainless steel mall-probe and seeker:
Hexagon 3? in. Handle; 2? in. Seeker
Straight teasing Needle w/ 4 in.Plastic Handle
Angular teasing Needle w/ 4 in. Plastic Handle
Glass dropper w/ rubber bulb- large Size 5 in.
6 in. hard Plastic ruler


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